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Well this is a first!  After trolling the web about this topic for 5 years, I have yet to see the USEPA acknowledge this as an issue--until now.  The below reference quotes studies by Mahler (USGS) and Scoggins (City of Austin).  This is a significant.  Here's a quote:
Pavement sealants are routinely applied to parking lots and driveways to protect the underlying surfaces, and these sealants can be significant sources of PAHs.
from EPA

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Anonymous said... March 15, 2012 at 8:59 AM

Before we go nuts over the banning of CTPE lets remember the economic impact of such a ban. Yes there are alternative sealers out there, but the customers that these hard working contractors service must be educated as well! Asphalt based sealers do not perform as well as CTPE due to the lack of UV ray protection and oil and fuel resistancy. Will the end user be satisfyed spending there money, and the sealer only lasts a fraction of the time that CTPE sealer does? Or do you not care? Organizations as yours are needed, but you must be fair in your opinions and be sure you have the facts that back it up!! this is a huge industry (the Aphalt industry) I remember a short while back under i believe the Clinton Admin. they tryed to ban Benzine emmissions in asphalt??? How do you do that? Manufacturers are the ones that put out the money for research and development to make the emissions safer for the paver operator as well as the public. The sealer manufacturers will and can reduce or eliminate issues you are crowing about, but to BAN a product is banning an industry. If we all use common sense and do more testing TOGETHER to find soulutions, all the money spent in a ban effort could be better spent in trying to R&D a safer sealer then! Why waste time and money in litigation and bans? we in America are saavy to these attacks which no one really wins, only more regulation and job losses under the cloak of environmental beauracracy!