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Editor's note: As of 2014, this pledge has been broken and is included here as a historical reference only.  An update to this can be found here

Recently the American Coating Association (ACA), with over 1,000 member companies and a history of more than 100 years, announced that they will monitor activities regarding the regulation of coal tar sealants, but will not oppose any efforts to implement restrictions on use.  This action comes after a survey of their members that indicated that they are moving away from or are no longer using coal tar sealant products.  The long term implications of this move are a little uncertain, but a positive sign that change is coming from within the industry itself.

The group also cited problems with volatile organic compound (VOCs) in many coal tar products that limit their use in California and the northeastern states.  This announcement can be found by following below.

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Anonymous said... May 28, 2011 at 6:03 PM

I just read this announcement via the link. Even this organization doesn't know which way is up. They state that more contractors are moving away from coal tar and using water based sealants. Coal tar is emulsified in water! Many people equate that with being "water based". Both asphalt emulsion and coal tar emulsion are emulsified in water. You can tell coal tar because it stinks to high heaven and makes you sick to your stomach (at least for me it does).