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With a growing site of information about the problem of coal tar sealant pollution, it seemed reasonable to put together an FAQ or "Frequently Asked Questions" section on the topic. The answers have links to sites, posts, or videos that go into more detail. Some references are quoted extensively because they are well-written and succint. The purpose here is to put the information in a single, easy-to-find location.

Just click on the tab above labeled "FAQ" and it will take you to that page.

We will add more as we are available. If you have specific questions or think something is omitted here, feel free to contact us by email by clicking on the "Contact me" button on the upper right hand part of this page.

Here are some initial questions that have been answered:
  • What is pavement sealant?
  • What is coal tar?
  • Where does coal tar for sealant come from?
  • What is asphalt?
  • What's the problem with coal tar sealants?
  • What are PAH's (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)?
  • How toxic are coal tar sealants?
  • What effect does coal tar sealant have on the environment?
  • How does coal tar sealant enter the environment?
  • Does product type really matter?
  • Is this only a problem outside the home?
  • Is this an isolated problem or nationwide?

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