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Congressman Lloyd Doggett (TX) revealed on Wednesday that the results of a new EPA study of coal tar pavement sealants support the need "to protect our waterways and especially our children."  The comment was made in a local Austin, Texas paper, the Oak Hill Gazette.  The Gazette also broke the story about Congressman Doggett's correspondence with the EPA about coal tar sealant pollution back in 2009.  The EPA's response to the earlier letter brought about the new study.

"I continue to work on legislation to phase out these sealants nationwide," said the Congressman.  In May, he sent a letter to the Administrator of the EPA, Lisa Jackson, complimenting the Agency's efforts to date on this topic, but challenged them to complete what was promised.  A summary of this letter can be found here.

The Congressman has been a lone, enduring congressional champion of this nationwide problem for many years.  Thank you Congressman Doggett!

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