javascript:; Austin School District Nears Landmark Decision on Coal Tar Sealants | Coal Tar Free America

Over two years ago Austin's school district (AISD) committed to investigate the use of coal tar pavement sealants "as soon as possible."  Now a story in a local newspaper, the Oak Hill Gazette. indicates the district is closer to having an action plan.  The action plan would be the nation's first for coal tar pavement sealants, but hopefully in keeping with the USEPA's Safe School Initiative where schools are encouraged to do everything practicable to minimize hazardous exposures to children.  It is estimated that somewhere near 10,000 schools in the US have coal tar sealant on their pavement.

The City of Austin banned coal tar sealants in 2005, but the remnants of the toxic sealant linger both on  parking lots, playgrounds and the soils near them.  An interim report showed by a toxicologist found the 5 complete exposure pathways for students and teachers at schools.  Coal Tar Free America discussed these findings in a post earlier this year (link).

The final report should be completed in 30 to 45 days.

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