javascript:; Prominent Industry Group Changes Position on Bans | Coal Tar Free America

According to the publication, Inside EPA, the National Pavement Contractors' Association (NPCA) will no longer oppose coal tar sealant bans.   The NPCA manages a discussion forum that is probably the most robust discussion of pavement topics on the internet.  The most prolific section of discussion is on sealcoating.  To say that the group historically is pro-coal tar is an understatement.

An unnamed representative of the group stated added that if asphalt-based sealants don't last quite as long as coal tar sealants that is actually good for business. 

If true, this is a significant turn around from previous years when the forums could not tolerate any open dialogue about the problem of coal tar sealant pollution.  NPCA staff, at that time, stated that Austin's ban was based upon testing at only one location instead of the multiple creeks throughout the City and that the ban was based upon a conspiracy for financial gain.

Let's hope this is the beginning of a new perspective from this group.

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