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Parking lot showing aged coal tar and loose, toxic material. 
Earlier today Assembly Member Jared Huffman of California sent out a press release of his environmental initiatives for this upcoming legislative session.  Among his top three priorities is a ban of coal tar pavement sealant!

His press release stated:

The second bill, AB 1704, Coal Tar Sealant Ban, prohibits the sale and use of coal tar pavement sealant, a toxic black liquid sprayed on some parking lots and driveways. This sealant contains high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), identified as probable carcinogens by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Coal tar sealants degrade over time from tire friction and release toxic chemical dust that washes into storm drains, contaminating California’s aquatic ecosystems critical to the food chain. The public is also exposed to these cancer-causing chemicals through a variety of pathways. Children are particularly at risk because they put their hands and objects into their mouths and play on or near floors where carpets concentrate and retain toxics. Cost-effective asphalt-based alternatives are available and widely used in California.

“Coal tar sealants are used to preserve and beautify parking lots and driveways, but regular wear and tear can lead to chemical runoff into our waterways and indoor air pollution in our homes,” said Huffman. “My bill will ban their use in 2013 to eliminate the threat they pose to public health and our environment.”

“Toxic chemicals washing off of streets, parking lots and industrial facilities is one of the worst sources of water pollution to the Bay,” said Deb Self, Executive Director of San Francisco Baykeeper, whose mission is to protect the Bay from pollution. “Banning coal tar sealants in California just makes sense.”

The bill is supported by the Clean Water Network and is encouraging others to write letters of support and placed the following on their website:

Assembly Member Huffman is hoping this bill can enjoy the support from Clean Water organizations across the country! If you have any questions, please contact Paige Brokaw at (916) 319-2715 or through email at A sample support letter can be found HERE 

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