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The Minneapolis StarTribune recently covered a story about a significant sealant franchising company's promise to phase out the use of coal tar sealants. This is excellent news, especially from a company that claims to be the nation's biggest sealcoater and has locations in Minnesota, New York, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Connecticut, Colorado, and Ohio.  More details can also be found at this link as well.

But let's hope this decision sticks. One word of caution. This exact thing was done by a smaller distributor in Springfield, MO as their city council wrestled with a ban. Within 5 months of the grand announcement with environmental leaders standing with the sealant company, they did a complete about-face and went back to selling coal tar sealants. They said this was due to "customer demands". Today, more than 2 years later they continue to sell coal tar sealants.

This recent action is to be applauded, but the standing ovation should be reserved for a future time. Let me know what you think.

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