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In a strange twist, Assemblymember Wieckowski (D) is refusing to allow the California coal tar sealant ban to be heard in committee.  Unfortunately Wieckowski is the Chair of the Assembly Environmental Safety & Toxic Materials Committee and is blocking its hearing.  He doesn't think coal tar is a problem in California.

Since the Assemblymember won't take emails from outside of his district and his voicemail box is full, I thought it might be appropriate to express my thoughts here.

Assemblymember Wieckowski, please allow the hearing on AB 1704, the Coal Tar Sealant Ban to be heard in committee for the following reasons.

Existing laws have been ineffective to stop blatant deception by contractors spreading toxic, mutagenic material across the State of California.  In spite of studies showing the toxic and carcinogenic effects of coal tar sealants, contractors in California continue to deceive the public by advertising this substance as "environmentally-friendly" and "non-toxic." Consumer Alert: Contractor Deception on the Rise

Not a big enough problem in California?  One third of water bodies tested by the USGS exceeded the biological threshold effects level and have nearly 50% of the chemical sourcing FROM coal tar pavement sealants.  Coal Tar Sealant Dominates PAH Pollution Across the US

Also 25% of California, polled contractors prefer to use coal tar sealants and it only takes ONE parking lot, driveway or playground to expose children to cancer risks similar to second hand smoke.  It doesn't require an entire community to be covered in this material to be a risk. Poll of Nearly 1000 Applicators

This chemical has been shown to correlate to many childhood ailments include attention deficit, depression, lower IQ, and asthma. Prenatal Pollutant Exposure Adversely Affects Child Behavior

This also is an environmental justice issue.  The poor minorities of our communities must get protein where they can and that often is in polluted lakes and streams.  In one community, over 2/3 of the fish had tumors caused by this chemical!  High Rate of Fish Tumors Found

This isn't just another chemical that is detectable, but it is one that enters our environment at THOUSANDS of times higher than effects concentrations.   One of the primary United States Geological Survey (USGS) researchers on this subject called the concentrations "EXCEPTIONAL" in comparison to other toxins in our environment.  Coal Tar Sealcoat a Major Source of PAHs and to Air and Children Living Nearby

That is why this is the FIRST time in my career that I have spoken out against a product.  I have read the reports and contributed to some of them.  This is a material that the USEPA deemed highly toxic.  Myth of "Refined" Coal Tar Sealant

The USEPA report in October of 2011 said that the most effective way to deal with coal tar sealant pollution may be to BAN it.  EPA Runoff Study Says Bans May Be Best Way to Control Coal Tar Sealant Pollution

Please do the RIGHT thing and let this exceptional pollution problem be addressed.

Thomas Ennis, PE, LEED AP
Coal Tar Free America

For those of you who support this ban, please continue to call his office at: (916) 319-2020.  Perhaps his voicemail box will be available to take your call.

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Anonymous said... April 2, 2012 at 9:01 PM

Probably got paid off

Anonymous said... April 4, 2012 at 4:31 PM

When Coal tar sealant fumes are 10 times worse than second hand smoke , it should be a no brainer. California was one of the first states to ban smoking in public places. Now they decide not to be a pioneer on banning toxic materials.

Anonymous said... April 29, 2012 at 7:05 AM

Agree with full ban on coal tar sealants. Just hope that coal tar medicines, which are important and effective, are not confused with the sealants. Many medicines, and even foods, are dangerous in certain forms, but that does not take away their benefits--if used carefully and properly. Love your site, but please do educate people about the differences between coal tar preparations! Thanks from a psoriasis sufferer who could not live without her low-dose coal-tar ointment. (until something else better replaces it--and has as long a safe history :-) Cheers!