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A recent article in the Chicago Sun-Times covered an informational meeting led by Cassandra McKinney, stormwater engineer for McHenry County, Illinois.  This is the same county where the

USGS found some of its highest PAH reading on a residential driveway. The meeting was held in Lake County, which is also in suburban Chicago.

Ms. McKinney reviewed recent scientific reports from the USGS and a Baylor University toxicologist
about the cancer risks of coal tar sealers.

A representative of Lake County stated that they too are looking at alternatives to coal tar sealant use.

One of the entertaining aspects of the article was in the comments section where a frequent, coal tar industry supporter stated that the reason Austin passed its ban was to support Texas oil and not coal.  In seven years of covering this, that is a first.  Since government units or researchers in Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Illinois have reached similar conclusions, perhaps they have secret oil reserves and are part of the same vast conspiracy?

The complete article can be found at this time at: Driveway Sealers May Be Can Time Bombs.

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