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Washington D.C.'s Department of the Environment (DDOE) continues to lead on the enforcement of coal sealant bans.  While every ban that is passed is cause for celebration, without adequate enforcement a ban may be only a "feel good" effort by a community and not bring about a healthier

The good news is that standards have been developed for the safe and effective removal, transport and disposal of coal tar sealant residuals.  Once I get a copy of them I will pass them on here.

DDOE Enforces the Ban on Coal Tar Pavement Products
Late last month, independent contractors completed the District’s largest coal tar site remediation to date at a 90,000 square-foot privately-owned parking lot in Northeast DC. The site was contaminated with toxic coal tar pavement products, and remediation work was the result of a Notice of Violation issued by DDOE’s Stormwater Management Division. The contractors used shot blasting technology to complete the remediation. Shot blast machines use steel pellets to pulverize the coal tar sealant layer while collecting any ambient dust via an attached HEPA filter. This parking lot is the sixth coal tar site to be successfully remediated in the District. Two additional sites are scheduled to remediate later this month. To learn more about the ban on coal tar pavement products in the District, visit

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