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Credit: U.S. Geological Survey; Department of the Interior/USGS; 
U.S. Geological Survey/photo by P.K. Cascio
According the Bill Fulk, Chief, Design & Construction Section at U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the USGS has sent out a memorandum to all of its facility managers that coal tar sealants should no longer be used on any of their paved surfaces.  As far as we know, this is the first federal US agency to take this step.

While it is logical that the agency who has disseminated the most science on this topic would be the first to ban its use, it is a milestone nonetheless.  Those researching coal tar sealer pollution at the USGS are but a handful of scientists compared to over 8,000 employees organization-wide, but their influence has affected the entire organization.  

Also important is the geographical reach of the USGS.  No other public or private agency with a greater spread across the US has ever taken this action either.

Mr. Fulk also said that conversations have been initiated with other larger units of the federal government considering similar action.  We covered the opinion of the Department of the Interior, the parent department of the USGS, in a story earlier this year entitled Coal Tar Sealants Are An Environmental Justice Issue For Nation's Largest Land Owner.

Will this lead to further curtailing of the use of this product and its ultimate extinction?  Let's hope so.

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