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In just about 2 weeks over 8,500 people have signed a petition for Congress to act on the legislation to ban coal tar pavement sealants.  While that isn't a landslide of public opinion, it is nonetheless a strong showing of coast-to-coast public support for action.  Not everyone left a comment, but some of the more poignant ones have been included below.

This stuff is known to be very toxic, you want to live in it, move next to a refinery, stop dumping it on unsuspecting driveway etc owners
Mr. Wells Eddleman, NC

Allowing the use of this sealant is a blatant disrespect for the lives of our children and the health of our community. This must stop now!!! Congress needs to be responsible and hold companies responsible for their actions and ban the use of any known substances that cause harm to animal and human health! This is an OUTRAGE!
Ms. Dawn Drew, TX

The smell of this is awful. I just had a terrible asthma attack yesterday from the smell of a truck going down the road. Ban this now for every ones health. I was on my way to the doctor when this happen, now I'm on meds to get my breathing back to normal.

Ms. Sandy Nichols, MI

Please, do the right thing and ban coal tar pavement sealant permanently in all states! Our children's health and futures are at stake here!
Ms. Susan Rose, AZ

Coal tar is banned in shampoos in Europe because it may cause skin cancer to develop. Yet it is marketed in the U.S. Both the sealant and the addition of it in shampoo should be banned.
Mrs. Dena Spohn, NM

....Yet, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, the coal tar sealant industry has been working to derail the bans in several states. The best way to avoid gaps in protection of our children, our families, ourselves and the environment is for Congress to follow the lead of Texas Representative Lloyd Doggett who is working to ban the use of coal tar pavement sealant in all 50 states. The time to act is now.
Ms. Karen Helton, NC

Cancer is on the rise. Please help prevention of cancer by taking products like this off the market.
Ms. Monluedee Luecha, NE

I'm sure there are more valuable and less environmentally damaging things to do with coal tar. I live two blocks from a site with old coal tar contamination - a coal gas plant which closed about 100 years ago, and the pollution from leaks in the coal tar tank still needed remediation 80 years later.
Ms. Janet Lowther, KS

Come on ... even you folks can stop doing nothing long enough to ban this. Instead of a 40th attempt to repeal Obama care, how about trying to do something that will actually do good?
Mr. Jonscott Williams, AZ

there is so much of carcinogenic substances around that we should limit the exposure. And it is up to Congress to protect ur health
Dr. izabela musial, AZ

As public awareness of health issues like coal tar increases, more class-action law suits will be leveled against state and federal government. They can avoid this, and the illness, death and destruction of the environment, now, by prohibiting the use of coal tar, at last as a pavement sealant, for now.
Mr. Paul Whitcomb, ME


There are so many assaults on our chidren's health please eliminate this one!
Ms. Julianna Nader, OR

How can they use this poison and no one stops them?
Mr. Roy Windmuller, SC

To continue to expose people to a dangerous chemical in order to continue to make money is murder for profit. Squirm as you wish, but the issue is simple. Murder for profit. Hell is awaiting your decision.
Mr. Marvin Carter, WA

I am extremely sensitive to coal tar products and my allergies to other toxins kick in, too, for a synergistic effect that keeps me hombound most of the time
Ms. Christina Pacosz, MO

As usual, the U.S. lags far behind in protecting its citizens from harmful chemicals. Please review your commitment to chemical industry donors versus the health of your constituents and your own children.
Ms. Victoria J Lowe, TX

I recently walked across the parking lot of my local supermarket. A hot summer day, the sun baking on the dark pavement. I could feel the toxic fumes going into my lungs. My lungs are fully-formed adult ones; what a damaging blow to children's lungs and long-term health.
Ms. Mary Jane Pagan, RI

Once again the government is continuing to allow the use of a substance that we know to be harmful in favor of economic interests rather than doing what is best to protect people and the environment. Congress, you work for us, ban coal tar sealant now!
Ms. Gale & Mark Eric Johansen, IL

This is why industry should not be allowed to police itself.
Mr. Patrick Jean, NC

If Texas is banning it, you know it needs to be banned. Why is this on the market at all? Why do we as consumers have to monitor every single item we purchase for fear it will give us cancer or take advantage of someone in some way? Do the right thing and ban this!
Dr. Misty Jackson, MI

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