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It is good news that two new bans of coal tar sealants are emerging from different areas of the country: California and Kansas.   Throughout the US, there is a lot of confusion about the sealcoating market in California.  Some incorrectly say it has already been banned there and others say it isn't used.  It is true that a bill was introduced to ban it in the entire State in 2011, it never made it out of committee to even be voted on.

Also, an analysis by the City of Santa Barbara found that about one out of every 4 parking lots has coal tar sealants.  Another observation comes from a poll of California sealant contractors.  They voted on their preferred product use, about that same number preferred coal tar sealants: 1 in 3 or 4.

Last month the San Diego Unified School District voted to stop the use of coal tar sealant on school properties. The Vice President of the School, Ken Beiser, introduced the legislation.  The motion that passed at their July board meeting directed staff to develop the language for such a ban.

The second ban comes from Winfield, Kansas.  We reported here that they passed a ban and a few months later had it on hold while the looked into additional research.

A recent web search turned up that it was back in effect  This is the first and only ban of coal tar sealants in the State of Kansas and was verified by the City of Winfield's Public Works Director Russ Tomevi.

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