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This new video, sponsored by several indoor air quality trade groups and businesses, aptly summarizes the issues with coal tar pavement sealants.  If you are looking for an introductory video, then this would serve you well.  There isn't a lot of technical jargon or statistics, yet it lets you know what the problems are, what some jurisdictions have done about it and what alternatives are available.

If you are looking for a more in-depth video presentations, then of course I humbly would recommend the USGS Video Series which we edited from a presentation they did at the Springfield, Missouri City Council.

The first eight videos have been edited and are:

    **Summary of USGS Studies in less than 2 minutes

  1. What are PAHs?
  2. What is Coal Tar?
  3. USGS Washoff and Outdoor Dust Studies
  4. Indoor Dust Study
  5. 40 Lakes Study
  6. Q&A, Where is the EPA? Exposure pathways?  What about cancer clusters?
  7. Expected PAH Trends After a Sealant Ban
This videos have been viewed thousands of times across the US and the world.  Let us know if they have been helpful to you.

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