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After 3 years of continuous tinkering with this site's look and feel, it was time for a major overhaul.  What you see today is, hopefully, an improved interface, easier navigation, better viewing on all types of devices, and some aids for both frequent and first time visitors.

While there are still a few annoyances which will continue to be corrected or populated, I hope you agree that this is an improved look.  Some of the specific improvements I like are:

  • the automatically-generated related posts at the end of each post; 
  • a more uniform design
  • not only a site search box, but a "Find" box for finding specific terms in a particular post
  • a slide show of older posts
  • a better layout of recent posts
  • a collection of videos with thumbnails

Yet to be done is adding back the Twitter feed, a contact form, restructuring the labels, and getting rid of that annoying copyright in the middle of the top of the page!  Enjoy and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Thank you for those who have worked with us on this.  It is appreciated!

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