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The following are comments we made to an opinion letter in the San Antonio Expresss News by a local coal tar sealer representative. Since we were only allowed a certain number of words, here is our condensed response.

Industry representatives like this around the US attempt to dodge the unavoidable facts: coal tar sealers are such a potent source of toxins that an MD Anderson cancer researcher called them "BUCKETS OF CARCINOGENS."

The foundation of the proposed ban in SA is built upon the research of universities, states and the federal gov't not on so called secret studies. The graphic included here shows the diversity of institutions in the US and Canada who have demonstrated problems with coal tar sealers. 


Mr. Craven falsely states that "independent studies" have proven the safety of coal tar sealers. The ONLY studies which promote its continued use were funded by the industry itself.

Independent researchers have found the same thing: coal tar sealers are toxic (kill things), cause mutations, cause cancer & birth defects.


He says that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is good with coal tar sealers. Actually in 2007 the coal tar industry challenged the ban of coal tar sealants in Austin attempting to invoke a little used State of Texas law that allows for the State to overrule local ordinances. The Executive Director's Office of the TCEQ upheld the validity of Austin's ban based upon "indisputable facts" like their study which showed coal tar sealers caused contamination in one Austin creek. The ordinance continues in effect to this day.


Funky economics should not hide the fact that the cost and performance of the competing products are similar and not be silent on the inescapable truth: the human and environmental damage done by coal tar sealers far outweighs their value. Not even close:« less

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