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First ban of coal tar sealers in Western Michigan

Coal tar sealer bans typically result from the interest or drive by a local environmental organization or spearheaded by a particularly interested politician. But a ban brought forward by a bunch of Cub Scouts, that is a first! 

Cub Scout Den 7 presented their case for why coal tar sealers should be regulated in May. Then the Township did their own investigation and spoke to experts around the country and came to the same conclusion.

The ban was brought before the Township Board on July 11th and it unanimously passed. According to the Grand Haven Tribune, who covered the story, the Board left their meeting table to shake hands with the boys and congratulate them.

"I feel like I'm making the community a little better," said 9 year old, Cameron Braidwood.

The ever-important Den Mother, Cheryl Kallio, said she was "very appreciative the decision-makers took the kids seriously and researched the issue.

Township Manager Gordon Gallagher said that education will be a cornerstone of the ban which will become effective January 1, 2017.

Township Supervisor John Nash said, "It was definitely a good thing for Spring Lake Township and the young men."

Not only was this the first ban to be brought by Scouts, but may likely be the first to be celebrated at a local ice cream shop!

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