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Last week a cadre of environmental organizations announced a settlement agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over industrial stormwater discharges. Technically these permit holders are under what is referred to as a Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP). The heart of the agreement was not about coal tar sealers, but it nonetheless contained a commitment toward future regulations for the first time in US history.

A press release about it was sent out this morning.

Who's Covered?

Technically there are hundreds of thousands of these facilities in the United States. Most of those permits are managed by individual States who have authority under the EPA. However, this settlement agreement covers those who are directly permitted by the USEPA and that number is in the range of 2,000 to 3,000.

However, the numbers don't fully explain the reach of the agreement. This would change the model that States look to in order to modify their own permits. The impact will be real, but just not predicable at this time.

Airport Game Changer?

If you study the list of industries covered you will find Air Transportation listed.

While the FAA is encouraging a move away from coal tar, it has long been there bastion of the coal tar industry where coal tar sealers have reigned. But with this action, the future use of coal tar sealers is uncertain at best.

When Will This Go Into Effect?

The conditions for MSGP permits are open to modification every 5 years. The next update is due in 2020.

More details of the agreement can be found at this link.

So the new era has begun. Makes you wonder what will be next, doesn't it?

Excerpt from Settlement Agreement

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