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One of the latest articles on this site revealed the chemical concentrations of asphalt sealcoat for the first time. No actual product testing was done by me or anyone associated with this website. It was an accumulation of testing data which had been done by others.

But some want additional independent testing of these concentrations. And there are literally dozens of products out there which haven't been tested.

Now here's your chance. No more excuses. Get your product tested today directly with an independent lab service. The company makes field test kits which compare favorably to more expensive and slower lab tests. They want to build-up their knowledge base of pavement sealers and you can help with that.

Yes the most accurate method usually is to send this to a lab and spend $200 to $300. But if you want to know generally where the products you use (or make) fit on the range of pavement sealers, here's your opportunity. You will need to sign a form swearing to the authenticity of the sampling.

Want to know the PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) level of the asphalt sealer product you're using? Well for a limited time a company which makes field test kits, Sitelab, will test your asphalt-based sealer for FREE. The hope is you will then share that information for posting on Coal Tar Free America.

For more information contact:

Sitelab Corporation
Steve Greason

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