javascript:; Industry Tries to Heave Hail Mary to Trump Administration | Coal Tar Free America

Industry is seeking relief from the burden of facts about their products from the USGS.

Herein lies the “hail Mary” for the coal tar industry: that somehow the Trump Administration will save an industry peddling a toxic product when the research of dozens of researchers, independent of the USGS, come to the same conclusion: it has severe negative affects on humans and the environment.

I think that when or if the new President learns that the majority of this waste product is imported from countries like Mexico and China he may become an advocate for banning it. It is the equivalent of building a wall to keep toxics out of our country.

Photo by Phil Roeder from Flickr
They say the results from the USGS are not reproducible? Then why don't they start with the simple quantitative tests?

No, the industry has never even published the simple lab PAH concentration of their products.

How about running a standard AMES test on the products which would show the toxicity of it to standard bacteria? Never seen them publish that.

How about a study that shows it is safe for children to play on a coal tar sealed surface that industry members seal by the millions of square feet per year? Oh they haven’t done that either.

I suspect industry's hail Mary will end up where most of them do… incomplete and well short of the mark.

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